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Calendar Clocks

Calendar clock

Our range of multizone clocks have a multi language day-date calendar that can be assigned to any individual time zone.

The clocks have easy to read dot matrix display characters in a range of colours and may be used at viewing distances of up to 20m - 60ft. Each time zone has the option of a printed or illuminated location name. Multizone clocks are available with different case styles for wall, recessed or single or double sided ceiling suspended.

These clocks for world timezones are supplied pre-configured to customer specifications for simple installation with pre-programmed automatic seasonal time changes. They can be used as stand-alone units or NTP synchronised. 

Illuminated Location Names

Displays are also available with illuminated location legends (10 characters) for every zone.

Illuminated location clocks have 30mm high 10 character location legend displays which can be programmed to indicate a custom time zone name or location.

With Calendar

470 series vertical calendar clocks

Time zone clocks are custom manufactured to the highest standards to provide many years of reliable service in the most demanding applications.

These digital time zone clocks have bright 50mm high characters for use at distances of up to 25m. All units are supplied with customer specified time zone locations. Each time zone has the option of a printed or illuminated location name. Time zone wall clocks are available in a number of different case types for wall, ceiling or recessed mounting and can be used anywhere in the world.

Time zone clocks are supplied pre-set for customer's choice of time zone names and the appropriate automatic seasonal time changes. They are designed for simple installation. They can be used as a stand-alone unit or synchronised via NTP Ethernet interface.

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